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Orbital Aviation, an aerospace company based in the USA, provides engineering and design services to airlines and OEMS, as well as an integrated data management maintenance software solution.


An independent, privately-held corporation, with headquarters in Redmond, USA, Orbital Aviation provides services across the globe to customers ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Now their AvMET or Maintenance and Engineering system is getting a new name, a few technological advancements, and a rebrand. It will now be called BACYS (pronounced Basis).


Orbital Aviation Africa region director Henok Nigussie gave his perspective to World Airnews magazine.


“Working in the Africa region and communicating with our clients and prospects daily has given me a new perspective on our capabilities and staffing expertise to manage projects. I am extremely excited about the introduction of our new system, BACYS, and a few items I would like to outline about our capabilities.


Can you tell us a little bit more about what BACYS can do?

“ Our Computerised Management Maintenance System, BACYS, is designed to make the operator’s life easier. With a further enhancement planned for a user-friendly interface, our airline partners can expect to reduce their training cost significantly and focus on the important items, like managing their maintenance tasks and collaboration effortlessly.


What is the system built on?

The system is built on the principle of Global Connectivity with MS Azure, this means “Anywhere Solution’ with remote personnel; from the Technical Team, Maintenance, Engineering, Warehouse, Logistics to MCC group being able to log in to input the required information at a moment’s notice. It truly means they can be anywhere and only key strokes away.


Tell our readers about the engineering and integration of this solution?

With our extensive experience and expertise, Orbital offers a complete certification service, assisting customers in obtaining required regulatory approvals to ensure a smooth and successful turnkey aircraft cabin, Structural and Avionics modification process. Our service includes concept definition, engineering design and substantiation, on-field engineering support during integration, followed by Regulatory Certification.


What about Flight Data Monitoring?

FDM, also known as FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) is web-based flight data to address the airlines’ continuous improvement of the flight operations and safety.


Orbital-FDM is Flight Data Analysis Solutions that gives you the ability to improve your flight safety, manage your risks, and with a plan to comply with your local and international aviation authorities.


Orbital-FDM provides aircraft operators with valuable safety insight that delivers detailed reporting, statistics, and data representation directly to their safety department, in a brief period of time.


“I am extremely excited with our product lines and with the BACYS enhancements, FDM service along with our Engineering and Integration. The future for our clients is bright with a user-friendly interface and one-stop solution to address their needs,” said Nigussie.

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