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In a groundbreaking move set to enhance aviation communication capabilities across Africa, Canadian avionics manufacturer Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) proudly announces a new distribution agreement with Safomar Technologies, based in South Africa. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionise the aviation landscape on the continent by providing cutting-edge avionics systems and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of African operators.

The agreement designates Safomar Technologies as the exclusive distributor for AEM’s specialised communication products throughout Africa. This comprehensive range includes the highly acclaimed P139-HD Digital Audio System, AS350/H125 avionics and switch consoles, loudspeaker systems, remote and panel-mount mission radios, as well as a variety of specialty audio accessories and caution/warning panels.


Tony Weller, AEM’s Director of Sales and Marketing, expresses enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasising the shared commitment of both companies to deliver superior products and support services to customers. He highlights the efficiency gains expected from Safomar’s extensive experience and reputation in the region, ensuring timely access to state-of-the-art equipment for mission-critical operations.


Safomar Technologies, a subsidiary of Safomar Holdings Group of Companies established in 1987, boasts a distinguished track record of serving diverse sectors within the aviation industry across South and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as the Indian Ocean Islands. The company’s broad spectrum of solutions and services has earned it recognition as a trusted partner among commercial, military, corporate, and general aviation entities.


Walter Bold, Managing Director at Safomar Technologies, underscores the long-term benefits anticipated for customers through the adoption of AEM’s avionics systems and solutions. With AEM’s established reputation for delivering reliable communication equipment to specialised aviation segments such as law enforcement, aerial search and rescue, and aerial firefighting worldwide, Bold emphasises the potential for operational enhancements and increased reliability within African aviation operations.


The partnership between AEM and Safomar Technologies represents a significant milestone in advancing aviation communication technologies across Africa. By combining AEM’s expertise in specialised mission communications with Safomar’s regional knowledge and market presence, the alliance promises to elevate safety, efficiency, and performance standards for aviation operators throughout the continent and beyond.

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