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Connecting Skies Bridging Continents


The Airbus Fleet Connect for Africa, held from June 23-25, 2024, provided a significant platform for discussing the future of aviation on the continent. Among the notable speakers was Abderahmane Berthé, Secretary General of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA). Berthé’s contributions spanned critical areas such as fleet growth, safety, airline operations, and leadership and talent retention within the African context.

The event provides a forum for sharing information and best practices between airline operators and aircraft manufacturers – specifically, Airbus. Participants also had a unique opportunity to deliberate on specific regional operation challenges and share insights with Airbus,” stated an official release from AFRAA.


Fleet Growth and Passenger Demand Evolution


During the panel session, Berthé outlined the expected growth trajectory for aviation in Africa. He emphasized the anticipated increase in passenger demand and discussed the continent’s readiness to handle this growth. The need for a strategic approach to fleet expansion was highlighted as crucial for meeting future demands efficiently and sustainably.


Safety and Operations


Safety remains a paramount concern for the African aviation industry. Berthé addressed the biggest hazards and threats to safety in the region, proposing measures to ensure aviation growth does not come at the expense of increased accident risks. He stressed the importance of adopting best practices to foster a robust safety culture tailored to the unique needs of African operators. The insights shared at the event were partly informed by the outcomes and roadmap of the inaugural African Aviation Safety & Operations Summit, co-hosted by AFRAA and the Flight Safety Foundation.


Talent and Leadership


A critical topic at the event was the training and retention of skilled aviation personnel. Berthé discussed strategies to attract and retain talent, which is essential for sustaining the industry’s growth. He also shared his vision for current and future leadership within African aviation, underscoring the need for strong leadership to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.


The Airbus Fleet Connect for Africa event was a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the operational effectiveness of African airlines. The forum facilitated valuable exchanges between airline operators and Airbus, addressing region-specific operational challenges and fostering a spirit of partnership.


The discussions and insights from this event are expected to drive significant advancements in the African aviation sector, contributing to safer, more efficient, and sustainable operations across the continent.

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