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AiaDev Africa, the premier platform dedicated to developing air connectivity to, from, and within the African continent, is pleased to announce that Rodger Foster, CEO of Airlink has been awarded the prestigious Ato Girma Wake Award for his outstanding contribution to Route Development in Africa.

Since 2018, AviaDev has presented one distinguished leader in aviation with this annual award for its contribution to route development in Africa.

The Ato Girma Wake Award is voted for by all members of the AviaDev Africa advisory board and presented annually to an individual that has demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation in promoting connectivity and improving the aviation industry in Africa.

This year, the award ceremony will take place during the AviaDev Africa 2023 event in Nairobi, Kenya, in June.

Foster has been instrumental in the growth of Airlink since its inception in 1992. Airlink operates over 50 commercial jetliners operating to more than 45 destinations in 14 African countries and to St Helena Island, making it the largest privately-owned regional airline in Africa. Airlink continues to expand its route network, connecting more African cities and promoting tourism and trade across the continent.

“We are delighted that our advisory board has nominated and awarded Mr Foster with the Ato Girma Wake Award,” said Jon Howell, Managing Director of AviaDev Africa.

“Roger’s dedication and leadership in developing air connectivity in Africa are exemplary, and his efforts have made a significant impact on the continent’s economic growth. He joins a list of remarkable recipients of the award and we look forward to discussing and recognizing his achievements and contribution to the aviation industry in Africa when the industry convenes in Nairobi this June.”

Ato Girma Wake, AviaDev event patron and board chairman of Ethiopian Airlines said, “I am very pleased that Roger Foster was chosen from among many deserving aviation leaders for this award. It is our way of saying thank you for the good job he is doing as CEO of airline to ease inter African connections. Congratulations Roger and please continue with the good work.”

Upon receiving the award, Foster said, “I am deeply honoured to receive the Ato Girma Wake Award. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Airlink team, who have worked tirelessly to promote connectivity and facilitate economic growth in Africa. I would like to thank AviaDev Africa for this recognition and reaffirm our commitment to continue working towards the development of a robust and sustainable aviation industry in Africa.”

The presentation of the Ato Girma Wake Award will follow a fireside chat between Ato Girma Wake, Sanjeev Gadhia, and Rodger Foster scheduled to take place during the AviaDev Africa 2023 event in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 16

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