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AIRMATE, free flight planning application, has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 250,000 users worldwide. The latest iOS version 3.15 of AIRMATE introduces several new features aimed at enhancing situational awareness and safety for pilots.

Enhanced Features for Safer Flights

The latest version of AIRMATE for iOS introduces several new features designed to improve mapping capabilities and enhance safety during flights:

  • Improved Mapping Capability: Pilots now have the ability to instantly switch between vector, raster, and satellite modes, providing enhanced clarity and detail for navigation.
  • Safety Traffic Display: AIRMATE now offers a safety traffic display with proximity detection, allowing pilots to visualize nearby traffic. This feature utilises traffic data received from the AIRMATE traffic hub over mobile networks or hardware ADS-B receivers, ensuring greater accuracy and awareness of surrounding aircraft.
  • Alerts for Regulated Areas: Pilots will receive alerts when approaching or entering regulated or restricted airspace, helping them navigate safely and comply with airspace regulations.
  • AW-METAR and AW-TAF Display: AIRMATE now provides access to AW-METAR and AW-TAF data, covering airports worldwide through a partnership with Pilots can access up-to-date weather information to make informed decisions during flight planning.

These enhancements will soon be available in the Android version of AIRMATE, ensuring that pilots across different platforms can benefit from improved safety features.

Celebrating Success at AERO Friedrichshafen

During the AERO Friedrichshafen showcase, AIRMATE CEO Dr. Myriam DELGAL announced the significant milestone, highlighting AIRMATE as the most widely used aviation app by pilots globally. Dr. DELGAL emphasised the app’s contribution to providing free flight planning tools and enhancing safety and situational awareness for pilots in over 200 countries.

A Commitment to Safety

While AIRMATE offers valuable tools for flight planning and situational awareness, it’s important to note that it is not intended to replace official aeronautical information. Pilots are reminded that AIRMATE may contain errors or discrepancies and should not serve as the sole reference for flight planning and execution. Additionally, AIRMATE is not a certified collision avoidance device, and pilots remain solely responsible for see-and-avoid and collision avoidance during flight operations.

AIRMATE’s latest milestone underscores its commitment to providing innovative solutions for pilots worldwide. With enhanced situational awareness and safety features, AIRMATE continues to empower pilots with the tools they need for safer and more informed flights. As the aviation community celebrates this achievement, AIRMATE remains dedicated to supporting pilots in their quest for safer skies.

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