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Avion Express, a narrow-body aircraft ACMI operator, has announced the integration of an Electronic Technical Log (ETL) system across its fleet.

This is a significant step for the company in terms of effectiveness and sustainability, making Avion Express the first airline in Lithuania to completely replace paper logbooks with a state-of-the-art electronic system.

Aistis Urbonas, vice-president technical of Avion Express, said more than being a sustainable decision, the electronic system has proven essential in several areas where the value is undeniable: contributing to safety, improved reliability, and ensuring effective processes for their team.


“This step aligns with our commitment to innovative decisions within the aviation industry, proving to be timely and offering clear value. At Avion Express, we believe that digitalising is the path to the aviation future, primarily working for the safety of our passengers and the effectiveness of the airline. We constantly search for the most modern solutions in every step of our work.


The electronic system centralises data visibility, ensuring that more information is readily available in one place. This promotes faster and greater efficiency in various tasks and, most importantly, allows to analyse all the data. This is crucial not only for Avion Express’s operations but also for delivering the highest quality service to ACMI customers.


“It is pivotal to analyse data, compare it, and make decisions based on it. Analysing and comparing data and making informed decisions is crucial. With the introduction of the electronic logbook system, we now have all the digital data, which enables us to track and improve our and our customers’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) more effectively. This also allows us to assess the overall performance of the fleet, the performance of the maintenance provider, ” said Urbonas.


The system eliminates the time-consuming process of handling and sending paper documents, reducing administrative overhead.


“As our fleet has expanded this year (from 39 aircraft at the beginning of the year to 54 at the end of the year and from 15 to 39 in 2022), the volume of manual work has naturally increased. By automating and simplifying tasks that previously required manual effort, we’re ensuring that our skilled professionals can use their time and expertise in areas where their contributions are most impactful. This enhances not only our operational efficiency but also the job satisfaction of our team members,” said Urbonas.


To ensure a smooth transition to the Electronic Technical Log system, Avion Express conducted comprehensive training sessions for all users from pilots, cabin crew, to engineers and base operators. While adapting to the new system may be challenging due to the different actions required in daily situations, the company is actively supporting its team in embracing and benefiting from this technological advancement.

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