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In a groundbreaking move that promises to redefine simulator training, AXIS Flight Simulation unveils its latest innovation: the AX-D Flex. This cutting-edge solution marks a significant leap forward in flight training technology, offering a versatile three-in-one simulator experience housed within a single mothership.

The AX-D Flex introduces a front-loading roll-on/roll-off system, revolutionising the way pilots train by enabling seamless transitions between multiple aircraft configurations. This innovative design allows pilots to access various cockpit setups within one device, eliminating the need for separate simulators for different aircraft types.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of aircraft, from business jets to mid-size airliners, the AX-D Flex offers unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness to training providers. The mothership serves as the central structure, housing core motion and visual display components, while the interchangeable cockpit modules, known as “swap units,” contain the necessary avionics and technical devices.

The unique front-loading system facilitates easy removal and insertion of swap units, enabling pilots to switch between different cockpits effortlessly. This flexibility not only enhances training efficiency but also reduces downtime, maximising the use of resources for training providers.

One of the key features of the AX-D Flex is its ability to accurately replicate cockpits using OEM-quality simulated aircraft parts. Coupled with software-based avionics simulation and commercial off-the-shelf components, this solution offers exceptional reliability and requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifecycle.

Christian Theuermann, a member of the executive board at AXIS Flight Simulation, highlights the transformative impact of the AX-D Flex on the training landscape. He remarks, “With AX-D Flex, we’re redefining the way pilots train by offering a cost-effective solution that caters to multiple aircraft types. Our goal is to set a new benchmark in training efficiency and flexibility.”

Helmut Haslberger, director of hardware development and production management at AXIS Flight Simulation, emphasises the precision engineering behind the AX-D Flex. He states, “Our hardware team has leveraged extensive experience to design a seamless lifting mechanism that ensures smooth cockpit transitions. Backed by advanced safety features, AXIS Flight Simulation is leading the way in flight simulation training.”

As the aviation industry embraces innovation and technology, the launch of the AX-D Flex marks a significant milestone in simulator training, setting a new standard for efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.


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