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At Bell, we recognize the critical role of wildlife conservation and are dedicated to supporting operators who prioritize ecosystem preservation in their missions. Our commitment is exemplified through the provision of cutting-edge aircraft designed to meet the diverse needs of public safety and conservationists worldwide.

Presenting at this year’s Dallas Safari Club Convention and Sporting Expo is Bell’s flagship aircraft, the Bell 505, a choice embraced by public safety operators and conservationists globally. Among them is the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), whose Division of Law Enforcement recently entered into a purchase agreement for two Bell 505s, reinforcing their dedication to conservation initiatives in Florida. This decision aligns them with a growing international community of public safety operators who value the aircraft for its versatile, mission-ready capabilities.


Lane Evans, Managing Director, North America, emphasised the Bell 505’s track record as a proven platform for public safety agencies worldwide. He highlighted its capacity to enhance rapid response to emergencies across diverse terrains, including ground, sky, and water. Bell takes pride in the FWC’s selection of the Bell 505, recognising its pivotal role in advancing the agency’s expansive mission.


The FWC’s Division of Law Enforcement, entrusted with overseeing 8,400 miles of coastline, 13,200 square miles of offshore waters, and more than 34 million acres of land, plans to leverage the Bell 505s to bolster their fish and wildlife resource management capabilities. This will involve utilising the aircraft for patrol and investigative law enforcement services.


With a legacy dating back to 1948, Bell has earned the trust of public safety operators globally, providing crucial aftermarket support and training. The Bell 505, with over 500 deliveries and more than 185,000 global fleet hours, continues to establish itself as a leading aircraft in its class, particularly favored by public safety and wildlife conservation customers worldwide.


For those eager to explore the multi-mission capabilities of the Bell 505, we invite you to visit Bell Booth #4101 during the Dallas Safari Club Convention and Sporting Expo from January 11-14, 2024.

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