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EHang, the pioneering air taxi developer, has received a significant milestone from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The company’s Unmanned Aircraft Cloud System (UACS) has gained approval for trial operations, as confirmed in their recent announcement.


The UACS encompasses a suite of functions integral to efficient airspace management, seamless integration of uncrewed aerial vehicles, and effective orchestration of flight plans and operators. EHang, having already conducted an impressive count of over 9,300 low-altitude tourism flight trials throughout China, now stands positioned for a pivotal leap. The CAAC’s approval for UACS trial operations acts as a foundational stepping stone, setting the stage for full-fledged commercial endeavors once the certification process for their uncrewed EH216-S aircraft concludes.


EHang initiated the formal process with the CAAC by submitting their application for type certification (TC) back in January 2021. A year later, in February 2022, the CAAC formally adopted the Special Conditions for Type Certification of EHang’s EH216-S aircraft, marking an important advancement in the company’s pursuit of recognition.


A remarkable moment arrived in February 2023, when the EH216 achieved a momentous feat – completing its maiden autonomous flight demonstration carrying passengers in Japan. This demonstration, endorsed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) of Japan, showcased the aircraft’s capability to ferry two passengers in Oita City without the presence of a pilot onboard.

Having diligently progressed through the planned tests and flights during the final phase of demonstration and compliance verification, EHang announced their accomplishments last week. This comprehensive evaluation included a thorough assessment of the safety and airworthiness of the EH216-S’s batteries, materials, electronics, and software components.


Huazhi Hu, EHang’s visionary Founder, Chairman, and CEO, expressed his anticipation for the forthcoming steps. “This achievement paves the way for an imminent type certificate and heralds our forthcoming endeavors to launch commercial operations,” he remarked. Hu also voiced confidence in the swift conclusion of the remaining procedural steps preceding the official authorization of the type certificate, which will effectively open the doors for the company’s progression into the next stage of commercial aviation aspirations.

Photo - Ehang
The EH216 flew two passengers without a pilot onboard in Oita City, Japan. (Photo: EHang)
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