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Connecting Skies Bridging Continents


On May 25, the AviAssist Foundation will be organising a series of lectures on aviation safety. Under the name of ‘Lunch Lectures’, they will be held at various locations in Kenya and Nigeria, where those attending will learn from mini lecturers and a simple lunch.

All this takes place in celebration of Africa Day and the lectures are organised to bring more attention to aviation safety in Africa and offer safety experts an opportunity to connect.

During the lectures, a reporter from a different location checks in via a live connection with the Africa Day broadcast that takes place from the AviAssist studio in the Netherlands. This way, AviAssist ensures that safety experts from different countries inspire each other, connect, and share knowledge.

Winnie Ongiri is a student in aeronautical engineering at the Technical University of Kenya and is in charge of organising the event in Nairobi. “I am honoured to be part of this team and AviAssist as a whole, grateful for the opportunity granted here to help organize the safety lunch”, Winnie points out. “I’m very excited to be the reporter for the day into the Africa Day broadcast to the whole continent”.

It’s a first time that AviAssist is organising these lectures. The aim is to turn this into an annual event that takes place across the entire African continent. This year the event is sponsored by insurance broker WTW, Amsterdam Airport and Overland Airways.

AviAssist eEvents co-ordinator Joeri Rijkeboer said safety professionals are true safety cheetahs who go above and beyond the call of duty because they realise our industry depends on it.

To attend the Africa Day broadcast on Africa Day and hear from the lunch lectures, register via

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