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Robinson Helicopter, a renowned player in the aviation industry, has garnered coveted approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a noteworthy advancement in its R66 single-engine turbine helicopter. The highlight of this groundbreaking development is the installation of a redesigned, symmetrical horizontal stabilizer, strategically positioned a tad farther from the tail rotor compared to its predecessor. This ingenious modification, as per the company’s claims, significantly augments roll stability, particularly when operating at high speeds. 

Furthermore, this innovative enhancement boasts an impressive 4,000-hour Time Between Overhauls (TBO), marking a substantial improvement over the original horizontal stabilizer’s endurance.

Effective immediately, this upgraded configuration is set as the standard for all new R66 productions commencing with Serial Number 1279. Robinson Helicopter, in its unwavering commitment to safety and precision, is actively collaborating with civil airworthiness authorities worldwide to secure foreign validations. Upon successful receipt of these validations, R66 helicopters intended for international markets will be delivered equipped with this superior stabilizer.

In an exclusive conversation with AIN, Kurt Robinson, the esteemed CEO of the company, emphasized that this refined stabilizer implementation does not introduce any alterations to the authorized flight envelope of the R66. This pertains specifically to factors such as high-speed flight capabilities, turbulence mitigation, and the prohibition of low-G manoeuvres. However, Robinson noted, “Our skilled pilots have reported a noticeable increase in the aircraft’s stability, especially at higher velocities and when encountering turbulence at the outer boundaries of the approved flight envelope.”

Safety remains paramount in Robinson’s philosophy, with the upgraded R66 stabilizer representing just one facet of a comprehensive safety-oriented approach. This holistic approach includes an array of standard and optional safety enhancements across the company’s helicopter fleet, encompassing features like crash-resistant fuel cells, state-of-the-art 4K cockpit cameras, night-vision goggle-compatible cockpits, and cutting-edge autopilot systems.

In the dynamic landscape of aviation, Robinson Helicopter continues to lead the charge in ensuring the utmost safety and performance for its aircraft, reinforcing its position as an industry trailblazer committed to innovation and excellence

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