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Garuda Aerospace, India’s premier drone technology firm, has proudly introduced its latest marvel, the Trishul Border Patrol Surveillance Drone. Designed to elevate surveillance and monitoring capabilities for border security forces, this advanced drone is poised to revolutionise emergency response and management, offering unparalleled real-time imaging technology.

Trishul distinguishes itself with its expansive field of vision, empowering ground control teams with precise and timely insights. Equipped with an array of state-of-the-art sensors, including high-definition and infrared cameras, LIDAR, and radar, Trishul gathers comprehensive data on crowd dynamics, movement patterns, velocity, safety hazards, and potential disruptions. This cutting-edge technology promises a safer and more efficient means for teams to remotely monitor various parameters.


Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, expressed his excitement about the launch, affirming, “Garuda Aerospace has emerged as a pioneer in drone technology. With Trishul’s debut, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering a robust drone ecosystem, offering unparalleled products and services. This launch not only showcases our dedication to innovation but also facilitates immediate access to critical real-time information, thereby enhancing decision-making processes. We are thrilled about Trishul’s introduction and remain devoted to introducing more groundbreaking products that set new industry standards.”


Under Jayaprakash’s leadership, Garuda Aerospace has significantly expanded its portfolio, providing a diverse range of drones tailored for various applications, including Kisan Drones for agriculture, Surya for solar panel maintenance, and Vriksh Vihaan for seed dispersal, among others. The company’s growth and innovation have been bolstered by cricket legend and brand ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni, underscoring its prominence in the drone-as-a-service sector.


In line with India’s initiatives to nurture its burgeoning drone industry, the government has imposed restrictions on the import of commercial drones, aiming to stimulate domestic production and innovation in the drone technology realm. Garuda Aerospace’s Trishul, with its revolutionary capabilities, epitomises the potential of India’s indigenous technology to address critical national security and emergency management needs, marking a significant stride forward for the country’s drone industry.

Image courtesy of: Garuda Aerospace.

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