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Connecting Skies Bridging Continents


Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. made headlines today as it proudly announced a groundbreaking achievement with its newest aircraft, the Gulfstream G700, setting a notable speed record while utilising sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The remarkable journey from Savannah to Tokyo, completed at an impressive average speed of Mach 0.89, spanned 13 hours, marking the G700’s inaugural visit to Japan. This feat underscores Gulfstream’s dedication to pioneering sustainability in aviation, as evidenced by its recent milestone of surpassing 2 million nautical miles flown on SAF blends.

Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream, expressed the company’s commitment to forging a sustainable future, stating, “We are at the forefront of innovation in sustainable aviation fuel usage, a position we have held for the past decade.” He further emphasized Gulfstream’s ongoing investments in next-generation aircraft technology, highlighting their ambitious goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40% over a 15-year period, culminating in 2034.


Gulfstream’s proactive stance on environmental responsibility is evident through its early adoption of initiatives such as signing the World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow 2030 Ambition Statement. This commitment aims to accelerate the adoption of SAF technologies, with the aspiration of SAF comprising 10% of the global jet aviation fuel supply by 2030. Notably, Gulfstream made history as the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to conduct a flight powered entirely by SAF in December 2022, achieved with a Gulfstream G650 in collaboration with Rolls-Royce utilizing the BR725 engine.


In recognition of its steadfast dedication to sustainability, Gulfstream became the first OEM to receive accreditations from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Sustainable Flight Department across all available categories, including flight, operations, ground support, and infrastructure. The company’s commitment extends beyond mere declarations, with Gulfstream having procured over 2 million gallons of SAF to date.


At the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2023) in Geneva, Gulfstream is proudly showcasing its lineup, featuring the G700 alongside other models like the G280, G500, G600, G650ER, and G800. Importantly, all inbound and outbound flights of the fleet at the event are carbon neutral, reflecting Gulfstream’s holistic approach to sustainability.


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