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Connecting Skies Bridging Continents


Renowned as the godfather of electronic music and a true innovator, Jean-Michel Jarre recently etched his name in aviation history as the world’s inaugural passenger aboard KleinVision’s groundbreaking AirCar. This historic flight, undertaken in preparation for the upcoming Starmus Opening Concert featuring Sir Brian May of Queen, marks a significant leap forward in transportation innovation.

Taking flight from Piestany International Airport, Jarre shared his awe at the experience, likening it to a scene from a Jules Verne novel brought to life. “It is like being in a Jules Verne book, but for real! One second you speak to the driver, and next, you are up there in the air – an amazing experience!” expressed the electronic music pioneer after completing two exhilarating flights.

Jarre’s enthusiasm mirrors the theme of his forthcoming Starmus concert, ‘The Bridge from the Future,’ sponsored by ESET, a global digital security leader. Garik Israelian, PhD, astrophysicist and co-founder of Starmus, emphasised the significance of AirCar’s inclusion in the festival experience, aligning with the event’s mission to propel attendees to new heights of inspiration and exploration.

The presence of AirCar at Starmus extends beyond the opening concert, as it will also be showcased at Starmus Camp, alongside esteemed figures such as Jane Goodall and astronaut Chris Hadfield, transforming Bratislava into a global hub of scientific innovation.

Captured on film by acclaimed director Todd Douglas Miller, the AirCar’s flight at 2500 feet showcased its groundbreaking capabilities, prompting Miller to remark on its seemingly impossible feats. Professor Stefan Klein, inventor and pilot, echoed Miller’s sentiments, expressing pride in witnessing the realisation of dreams and the dawn of a new era in transportation.

Co-founder of KleinVision and ESET, Anton Zajac, emphasised the AirCar’s role in bridging the gap between terrestrial and aerial travel, heralding a future where cars possess the freedom they symbolised half a century ago.

The flights, which occurred in Piestany, Slovakia, represent a pivotal step towards the convergence of terrestrial and aerial transportation, promising a future where the boundaries between roads and skies dissolve seamlessly.

Witness the historic flight footage [here].

SOURCE: Klein Vision

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