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Houston, Texas – Orion S.A. (NYSE: OEC), a distinguished global specialty chemicals company, marked a significant milestone on Tuesday with the commencement of construction on its groundbreaking plant in La Porte, Texas. This plant will stand as the sole facility in the United States dedicated to producing acetylene-based conductive additives, essential components for lithium-ion batteries and various other applications vital for the global transition to electrification.

Situated in the heart of La Porte, southeast of Houston, this cutting-edge facility is poised to generate numerous high-skilled jobs, spanning both construction and technical domains, while injecting innovative technology into the American economy. The additives manufactured at Orion’s La Porte plant boast an unprecedented level of cleanliness, boasting a mere one-tenth of the carbon footprint compared to commonly used materials.

Orion’s CEO, Corning Painter, emphasised the pivotal role of the La Porte facility in fortifying the regional supply chain for conductive additives within the rapidly expanding U.S. battery market. He underlined the company’s established track record as the exclusive producer of acetylene-based conductive additives in Europe, highlighting the seamless extension of their expertise into the American landscape.

These conductive additives serve as linchpins in the efficiency and longevity of lithium-ion batteries, integral components powering electric vehicles and serving crucial roles in renewable energy infrastructure such as wind and solar farms. Leveraging acetylene as its primary raw material, Orion’s advanced production process yields additives of unparalleled purity, meeting the stringent requirements of leading battery manufacturers.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Kim Foley, Executive Vice President of Global Olefins and Polyolefins, Refining, and Supply Chain at LyondellBasell, emphasized the strategic alignment between LyondellBasell’s commitment to carbon emission reduction and its support for key battery component production. Foley emphasised, “At LYB, we see electrification as a crucial part of our plan to reduce carbon emissions across our industries. By supporting the production of key battery components, we’re contributing to solutions for a better tomorrow.”

Drawing parallels to Orion’s existing facility in Berre-l’Étang, France, which also relies on acetylene supplied by LyondellBasell, the La Porte plant represents a testament to the company’s global footprint and unwavering commitment to innovation.

The La Porte project is already well underway, with key equipment procurement and off-site fabrication in advanced stages. Field construction activities are rapidly progressing, with the facility slated for startup in the second quarter of 2025.

About Orion S.A., a stalwart in the global specialty chemicals arena, Orion S.A. (NYSE: OEC) leads as a premier supplier of carbon black, catering to diverse applications ranging from tires and coatings to batteries and plastics. With a corporate legacy spanning over 160 years and a presence in 15 plants worldwide, Orion exemplifies innovation and sustainability in delivering tailored solutions to its clientele.

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