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Airbus and BMW Group have taken a groundbreaking leap into the future of transportation by announcing the global Quantum Mobility Quest. This pioneering initiative aims to tackle the most intricate challenges faced by the aviation and automotive industries, leveraging the potential of quantum computing to address problems that have eluded classical computers.

Named “The Quantum Mobility Quest,” this challenge marks a first-of-its-kind collaboration between two industry titans, envisioning a future where quantum technologies pave the way for more efficient, sustainable, and safer transportation solutions.

Isabell Gradert, Vice President Central Research and Technology at Airbus, highlights the importance of this collaboration: “Partnering with an industry leader like BMW Group enables us to mature the technology needed to bridge the gap between scientific exploration and its potential applications. We’re seeking the best minds globally to create a paradigm shift in aircraft design and operation.”

Dr. Peter Lehnert, Vice-President, Research Technologies at BMW Group, emphasises their commitment to exploring quantum technology’s capabilities: “The BMW Group aims to position itself at the crossroads of quantum technology and cutting-edge solutions, focusing on sustainability, unique designs, and enhancing user experiences in our products.”

Quantum computing’s immense potential to boost computational power offers opportunities to simulate complex industrial processes in data-driven sectors like transportation. This technology could revolutionise the future of mobility products and services.

The challenge presents problem statements across various domains: from aerodynamics design to automated mobility, sustainable supply chains, and corrosion inhibition. Additionally, participants can propose their own quantum technologies for unexplored applications in transportation.

Hosted by The Quantum Insider (TQI), the challenge spans two phases, inviting participants to develop theoretical frameworks before implementing and benchmarking solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a platform for running algorithms on its cloud-based quantum computing service.

A distinguished jury of quantum experts from Airbus, BMW Group, and AWS will evaluate proposals and award €30,000 to the winning team in each of the five challenges by the end of 2024.

Registration is open now, and submissions will be accepted from mid-January through April 30, 2024, via This initiative signifies a pivotal moment in harnessing quantum computing’s potential to transform the landscape of transportation as we know it.

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