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Collins Aerospace, a business of RTX (NYSE: RTX), introduced its cutting-edge Venue™ smart monitor at the Aircraft Electronics Association Convention & Trade Show’s new product introduction showcase held in Dallas, Texas.

The Venue smart monitor stands out as a versatile solution, capable of operating independently as an in-flight entertainment (IFE) system or seamlessly integrating within the Venue cabin management system (CMS). Equipped with embedded smart technology and a robust processing platform, the monitor ensures simplified future software updates and effortless integration of Collins’ suite of IFE products, including Airshow® moving maps and Stage™ on-demand entertainment.

Offering enhanced installation flexibility, the smart monitor empowers customers with the choice to upgrade their CMS and IFE solutions in a cost-effective, phased manner.

Marc Ayala, Senior Director of Sales for Business & Regional Aviation at Collins Aerospace, emphasised the transformative capabilities of the Venue smart monitor, stating, “The smart monitor offers operators and passengers a unified access point to control cabin functionality, individual comfort, and entertainment options. It facilitates straightforward software updates, third-party integrations, and enables owners to expand their IFE and CMS capabilities incrementally, aligning with their unique requirements.”

With five different monitor sizes and 4K ultra-high-definition options, the Venue smart monitor delivers exceptional resolution and viewing pleasure, catering to diverse cabin configurations and aircraft sizes. The intuitive graphical user interface ensures a seamless user experience across touchscreen monitors, mobile applications, and cabin touch panels.

Furthermore, the all-inclusive smart monitor streamlines operations by replacing legacy Airshow moving maps bulkhead displays and consolidating onboard hardware. This integration enhances power efficiency and reduces overall redundancies, marking a significant advancement in aircraft technology and hardware optimisation.

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