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Airplanes Africa Limited (AAL), based in Morogoro, Tanzania, unveiled the Skyleader 600 at the Tanzania International Manufacturers Expo 2023 (TIMEXPO) in Dar es Salaam. This marks a significant achievement as the nation’s first domestically assembled aircraft. The Skyleader 600 is designed for business travellers, offering enhanced convenience. AAL’s Director, David Grolic, emphasized their decision to establish the aircraft assembly facility in Tanzania, citing the nation’s favourable business environment and eagerness to embrace advanced technology. AAL is also working on the Skyleader 500 for agricultural use, providing local job opportunities. These aircraft are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and easily maintainable. While domestic sales are the initial focus, AAL has plans to expand into international markets, marking a milestone in Tanzania’s aviation history.

In a groundbreaking moment, Airplanes Africa Limited (AAL), based in Morogoro, Tanzania, proudly presented the nation’s inaugural domestically assembled aircraft, the Skyleader 600. This momentous unveiling occurred at the prestigious Tanzania International Manufacturers Expo 2023 (TIMEXPO), held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital. The Skyleader 600, designed to accommodate two passengers, including the pilot, promises enhanced convenience for business travellers.

David Grolic, Director of AAL, explained that their decision to establish an aircraft assembly facility in Tanzania was prompted by the nation’s favorable business environment and its eagerness to embrace cutting-edge technology. Grolic stated, “We conducted comprehensive research to understand the needs of business travelers who frequently embark on long-distance journeys. In response to our findings, we chose to introduce an aircraft that would facilitate more convenient travel for business professionals, allowing them to attend meetings outside the region and return to the city for other activities.”

Airplanes Africa Limited stands as a unique entity in East Africa, being the sole company manufacturing aircraft for commercial purposes within the region. Furthermore, AAL is currently developing the Skyleader 500, a subsequent aircraft scheduled for completion in the coming year, tailored for agricultural applications and other rural commercial activities. Importantly, this endeavour has created job opportunities for local Tanzanians, with a collaborative effort between Tanzanian and Czech workers contributing to the Skyleader 500’s production.

Director Grolic emphasized the affordability of these aircraft, likening the cost to that of a car. In addition to their cost-effectiveness, Skyleader aircraft exhibit low operational expenses, minimal energy consumption, and ease of maintenance. The director envisions an initial focus on domestic sales, with eventual plans to venture into international markets, marking a significant stride in Tanzania’s aviation history.

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