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The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) organises an annual winter fundraiser dedicated to spotlighting aircraft within its fleet in need of funding for restoration, maintenance, or repair endeavors.

Pilots are given the opportunity to select their preferred aircraft from a lineup of 12 and contribute specifically to that project. Alternatively, they can opt to donate directly to the organization’s Restoration Grant Fund, a program designed to match donations dollar-for-dollar, accelerating the restoration process for aircraft in dire need, as explained by CAF officials.


As of December 14, 2023, the fundraiser had successfully amassed $150,316, surpassing the targeted goal of $150,000 for the year.


This year’s roster of 12 aircraft includes:

  1. OY-1 F4U Pocket Edition (N1156V)
  2. C-60 “Goodtime Gal” (N60JT)
  3. Bell 47 “Bayou Belle” (N55ZD)
  4. N2S “Rosie Stearman” (N5032)
  5. B-24 “Diamond Lil” (N24927)
  6. Fairchild PT-23 (N62476)
  7. Spitfire Mk XIV (N749DP)
  8. R4D “Ready 4 Duty” (N151ZE)
  9. SNJ-4 (N224X)
  10. SB2C Helldiver (N92879)
  11. L-5 “Ramblin’ Rebel” (N9315H)
  12. YO-55 Ercoupe (N2940H)

To support your favorite aircraft, you can “vote” by making a donation through the provided link.


Prefer not to donate online? Feel free to call 877-767-7175, extension 105, or send a check via mail to CAF Headquarters at P.O. Box 764769, Dallas, Texas, 75376.


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